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Cartridge Logo and Brand Embossing

Increase Brand Awareness and Customer Retention

In a competitive market, it helps to take advantage of every resource you can. The companies that distribute carts with customized logos and brand embossing reorder more often and have bigger orders with us. We have seen this first hand.


#1. Custom logos create a stronger brand identity

Giving your business a unique personality is vitally important for marketing today. It does not only set you apart from the competitors but enhances customer loyalty. Clever branding can help you develop a distinctive culture associated with your business. Your logo is the symbol everyone will associate with your brand.


#2. Brand logos give your business increased credibility

Numerous studies show that consumers prefer branded items because they believe these products are better by default. That is the strength of the brand. When a prospective buyer sees a quality logo design, they think of quality and performance. This factor alone may prompt them to choose your product.


#3. Brand Logos are memorable and longer-lasting

It’s a proven fact that people memorize images better than words. Your customers will remember a creative logo design even if they forget the name of the company. When people associate this image with your cartridges, you can be sure they will remember your business every time they see it.


4. Your Logo gives you the advantage

In today's market, you have to use every tool at your disposal to get ahead of the competition, a strong brand is an extremely powerful tool. A thought out custom logo that consumers like can give you the extra advantage you need for increased sales.


Questions or to get started, call Zach at (512) 337-2433

The additional cost is only 8 cents per cartridge - 3000 minimum
Lead time is 4-6 weeks
Custom carts are non-refundable